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    Every campaign gets an Adventure Log, a blog for your adventures! While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it's not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog! The Adventure Log will allow you to …

  • The Tomb of Jheamast

    Our Heros were looking for The tomb of Jheamast. Apon reading the Journal of Eliam Vander Hass the party was enlightened to a couple things; one, they must find the tomb of Jheamast because he was the only known person to ever survive the apearance of …

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    Alas, the Dragon lords of old only exist as a legend told to entertain children..... or are they? It appears that certain elements of [[The Chamber]] have discovered that after thousands of years of dormancy the Dragon lords might once again rise to …

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    [[The Charter]] organization created by metallic dragons. Motives unknown [[places]]

  • The Chamber

    Organization created by metalic dragons. Motives: unknown

  • places

    [[Cormyr]] [[Ferune]] [[Castle Redclave]]

  • Cormyr

    Country in the center of the continent called Ferune It used to be ruled by King Azule but he commited suicide under mysterious circumstance Cormyr is currently under seige by a Mind Flayer nation

  • Ferune

    One of three continents on the world Toril

  • Castle Redclave

    Home to the Kights of Redclave. A mercinary group lead by Constal Morgoth

  • Lushus

    Former DM of the dead end, ascended to Duke George I's head mage. After untimely death of duke, remained as advisor to his son, but ultimately killed him as well and met his own doom at the hands of the booty collectors moments later. Held many evil …

  • Malis

    The dark commander of the monster horde and fox moos. Also is leading Dragonborn tribes to destroy Goathead on way to Cormyr

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