Realm of the Dragon Lords

Previously on Realm of The Dragon Lords

The Tomb of Jheamast

Our Heros were looking for The tomb of Jheamast. Apon reading the Journal of Eliam Vander Hass the party was enlightened to a couple things; one, they must find the tomb of Jheamast because he was the only known person to ever survive the apearance of Dragon marked tattoos. His tomb could be found on the haunted island of Trebaz Sinara and the party needed to find the missing pages that were ripped out of the journal. The pages were ripped out of the journal by Thraxes one of Eliams compatriots and those pages contained the clues needed to open the Tomb of Jheamast. The adventurers decided they didnt need any extra help and completely circumnavigated a whole evenings worth of game that the Dungeon Master had prepared. They shrugged their shoulders and said “Naaa we dont need no stinking clues for opening a tomb”. Then they proceeded directly to the island Of Trebaz Sinara. Using what clues they did have they were able to find the Tomb


You didn’t finish, we fought our way in, entered the tome, and are performing the speak to the dead ritual.


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